YOU can sleep when you're dead (2019)

Premiered with DanceWorks Chicago's & Thodos Dance Chicago's NEWDances at Athenaeum Theatre

Cast: Kristen Donovan, Sarah Fluegel, Abby Hare, Elijah Richardson, Imani Williams 

"You can sleep when you're dead" touches on the overwork and hustle culture of the United States. The piece critiques how society normalizes overworking oneself to the point of exhaustion, and how resting is seen as a sign of weakness or laziness. Even though the piece looks to represent everyone's life and what it feels like to be human, it is told through the lens of artists. The work mimics the hectic life of dance artists to make a point about how society undervalues artist’s constant hard work, passion, and vigor. The work consisted of extremely physical and athletic movement, and explored how far the dancers could go before they needed a break, and how quickly they could recover to do it all over again.