Premiered with Synapse Arts' New Works Program at Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater (2019), Restaged for Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble's Art + Activism

Original Cast: Dee Alaba, Phoebe Coakley, Camila Rivero Pooley, Marceia L. Scruggs

Restaged Cast: Maria Blanco, Phoebe Coakley, Simone Stevens, Virginia VanLieshout

This work focuses on three main concepts surrounding sexuality: the process of understanding yourself as a sexual being, the process of discovering your own sexual preference or orientation, and lastly, how you choose to portray your sexual identity. Additional concepts that were addressed in the piece: sexual consent, sexual objectification, and sexual oppression & liberation. LOUD BODIES aims to expand this piece to create a well rounded, well represented, and relatable work about sexuality.