Excerpts of sexual discovery liberation (2019)

Performed with Synapse Arts' New Works Program at Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater

This work focuses on three main concepts surrounding sexuality: the process of understanding yourself as a sexual being, the process of discovering your own sexual preference or orientation, and lastly, how you choose to portray your sexual identity. Additional concepts that were addressed in the piece: sexual consent, sexual objectification, and sexual oppression & liberation. LOUD BODIES aims to expand this piece to create a well rounded, well represented, and relatable work about sexuality.

To be a woman: an exploration on body image (2018)

Performed with jello dances at Elastic Arts


This piece investigates a woman's relationship with her own body: how she sees herself, or how she feels about herself based on social expectations. A woman's relationship with her body can be tricky, unnerving, and complicated. Through this piece, LOUD BODIES further explores how women navigate body image and the constant work it takes to make that relationship healthy, positive, and empowering.

Thursday night (2018)

Performed with Collaboraction's PEACEBOOK Festival at Hamilton Park Cultural Center

“Thursday night” navigates the often frustrating and inevitable experience of street harassment and catcalling for women. It is not only a protest piece that calls for respect and shares to an audience the frustration of stress harassment on a daily basis, but presents itself as a big ‘fuck you’ to all of the men who have made us feel uncomfortable, scared, and like less of ourselves. As always, LOUD BODIES strives to use this work to give a voice to often unheard women and create an inclusive space that allows for vulnerability and attention to action. An original soundtrack was created for this work by Drew Jensen aka sinkslow.

I'M FINE (2018)

Performed with the Breaking Grounds Performance Series at Links Hall, Yin He Dance's Vice And Virtue at Links Hall, On Being Well at Asterisk Arts Collective

"I'm Fine" looks to normalize and validate anxiety as a legitimate mental illness, help create awareness of how many people suffer from it, and break the stereotype that seeking help is a sign of weakness.

COMING SOON: "I'm Fine" Dance Film

to really get down (2018)

Performed with the Breaking Grounds Performance Series at Links Hall

This work explores the simple joy of individual movement, groove, and music. Danced to Marvin Gaye’s classic “Got to Give It Up,” the work sets up an atmosphere reminiscent of 70s funk and social dance, contemporary forms, and improvisational groove.

To be a woman (2018)

Performed with 100 Acts Of Resistance at Greenhouse Theater Center

This piece looks to empower women and calls for unity. "To be a Woman" touches on themes such as: womanhood, sisterhood, feminism, sexism,  and it calls for sensitivity and strength.

YOU can sleep when you're dead (2019)

Performed with DanceWorks Chicago's & Thodos Dance Chicago's NEWDances at Athenaeum Theatre  

"You can sleep when you're dead touches on the overwork and hustle culture of the United States. The piece critiques how society normalizes overworking oneself to the point of exhaustion, and how resting is seen as a sign of weakness or laziness. Even though the piece looks to represent everyone's life and what it feels like to be human, it is told through the lens of artists. The work mimics the hectic life of dance artists to make a point about how society undervalues artist’s constant hard work, passion, and vigor. The work consisted of extremely physical and athletic movement, and explored how far the dancers could go before they needed a break, and how quickly they could recover to do it all over again.

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