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LOUD BODIES is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to support the Chicago dance community by providing a safe, movement space for artists through mentorship and performance opportunities and the creation of new dance works. Our goal is to foster a welcoming, explorative, unapologetic community for dance artists to invest in themselves, their own creative practice, and their individual, unique growth. We believe that dance is a legitimate and powerful tool for protest, fueling conversation, self expression and collaboration. We emphasize this belief by partnering with local, non-profit + mutual aid organizations, pushing the conversation through loud dances filled with discourse, and leading with the intent of giving these organizations a platform to share what they do, and how we can further help. Our forever ambition is to use what we do best to make ourselves and the others around us feel good, to do our part, and to break the mold of expectations in our own artistic communities.


We promote dance as a legitimate avenue for protest + discord, activism, and prompting awareness of otherwise uncomfortable and overlooked topics. 

It is imperative that our team, board, and dance artists are representative of all voices, cultures, orientations and experiences. We hold ourselves responsible in growing and listening so that LOUD BODIES can truly build an honest space for all people. It is within our principal that anyone who joins our space is heard, encouraged, and cheered on.

We believe it is essential to explore + include copious styles of dance in performance, class, and conversation so that we can begin to move toward rewriting the often racist and classist history of Eurocentric dance, and accenting the importance of various dance forms in concert dance and our society.  

LOUD BODIES is rooted in the power of collaboration. We value collaboration with other non-profit organizations, communities, and artists throughout various artistic practices + avenues.

We invest in the creation of a space that allows for self expression, authenticity, joy, and support for all Chicago movers.

Photos by Hanako Maki

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