is a dance collective co-founded by Yariana Baralt Torres and Maria Blanco. With a commitment to social justice, LOUD BODIES looks to create a platform for activism through dance. We believe that vulnerability and honesty evoke emotion and raise awareness, which can lead to action and change.  It is LOUD BODIES’ mission to take the time to explore how bodies can tell complex narratives in the most authentic, sincere, and bold way. We aspire to always create an inclusive and diverse environment seasoned with unique experiences and stories. Our goal will always be to challenge ourselves to continue to give a voice to overlooked experiences with authenticity and vigor.


LOUD BODIES believes in creating inclusive spaces that are open to all levels of movers and artists. It is important to our mission that we share dance with all types of people, no matter their  culture, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or exposure to the arts. The work that we aim to create means more than our passion for dance and fulfilling our own identities, but flourishes in serving our community and recognizing the power the arts have to advocate for social change.

Maria blanco

Co-Founder/Co-Artistic Director

Maria Blanco is a dancer, choreographer, and sociologist from Detroit, Michigan. She enjoys combining social dance with her modern/contemporary training to push the boundaries of dance, what it means to be a dancer, and who can dance. She is on a constant journey to explore how improvisation can be used as a tool for both dancers and non-movers, changing the narrative of where dance is accessible, and who it is accessible to.


Co-Founder/Co-Artistic Director


Yariana Baralt Torres started her dance training in Puerto Rico, where she was born and raised. As a choreographer and sociologist, Yariana uses dance to speak about her own experience as a minority in the United States. She sees dance and movement as a powerful tool to bring awareness and knowledge to the people, as well as to call for sensitivity, empathy, understanding, and respect of others. She balances athletic work with gestural movements to create powerful yet relatable work that sparks the audience to think, feel and reflect. 

Jordan Kunkel

Marketing Director


Jordan Kunkel is a Chicago dancer, choreographer and administrator. She creates and performs work that tells meaningful stories and addresses issues of social relevance. Outside of performance work, Jordan advocates for artists through freelance marketing, communications, administration and video work. She is a staff writer and videographer with See Chicago Dance. 

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