LOUD BODIES believes that dance is a legitimate and powerful tool for protest, starting conversation about social issues, and bringing light to uncomfortable and important topics. We are a non-profit organization working to support the Chicago dance community by providing a safe space for artists to come together, providing mentorship and work opportunities, and investing in the creation of new dance works. Our goal is to foster a welcoming space for dance artists to explore and invest in themselves, their community, their artistic practice, and their individual, unique growth. 


We promote dance as a legitimate and useful way to protest, discuss social issues, and bring awareness to otherwise uncomfortable and overlooked topics. 

It is essential diversity is a part of our team, board, and artists so that ALL voices, experiences and cultures are heard, supported, encouraged, and represented. We hold ourselves responsible in learning, growing, and listening so that LOUD BODIES truly builds a safe and honest space for all people.

We believe it is essential to explore and include numerous styles of dance in performance, class, and conversation to move toward rewriting the often racist and classist history of Eurocentric dance, while emphasizing the importance of various dance forms in concert dance and our society.  

LOUD BODIES is rooted in the power of collaboration. We see the value in collaborating with other non-profit organizations, communities, and artists throughout various artistic practices.

We invest and work towards creating a more supportive and welcoming dance environment for all Chicago dance artists.