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Legalize Menstruation focuses on three goals in order to normalize menstruation: 1) Establishing the idea that people who menstruate do not always identify as women 2) Educating our audience on period poverty and the lack of accessibility of menstrual hygiene products in Chicago 3) Ending the taboo that surrounds talking about your period, and giving the audience the permission to talk about their menstruation experiences with openness and honesty. This dance constructed these themes through contemporary + hip-hop dance forms, dialogue, and humor. This two day performance series also served as a donation site for menstrual hygiene products that were then distributed through Chicago Period Project. We ended our weekend with 2,059 menstrual products donated to Chicago’s shelters and schools.


an evening of dance normalizing periods

Self-produced production at Mason Hall at the Preston Bradley Center (2020)
Cast: Kristen Donovan, Marceia L. Scruggs, Simone Stevens, Kait Dessoffy 

Menstrual hygiene products you can donate to Chicago Period Project: 

  • tampons

  • pads

  • panty liners

  • menstrual cups

  • wipes (travel size)

  • mini hand sanitizer

  • new underwear

Legalize Menstruation Show Credits


 LOUD BODIES in partnership with Chicago Period Project


 Artistic Directors & Choreographers

 Maria Blanco & Yariana Baralt Torres


Marketing Director

Jordan Kunkel



Amy Wilkinson


Lighting Designer

 Katelyn Le-Thompson

Show Order and Credits:

“Ciclo Ancestral” (Premiere) by Taimy Ramos and LOUD BODIES

Performers: Taimy Ramos, Marceia Scruggs and Kait Dessofy

Music: Haul - Christian Löffler and Max Cooper

"Does anybody have a tampon?" (Premiere) by LOUD BODIES in collaboration with the dancers

Performers: Kristen Donovan, Marceia Scruggs, Simone Stevens and Kait Dessofy

Music: Can You Feel It - Jacksons 5, PMS Blues - Dolly Parton, Hot in Here - Nelly, I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor, Té para Dos Cha Cha Cha - Ramón Márquez y Su Orquesta, Funky Sensation - Disclosure and Gwen McCrae, Evan Finds the Third Room - Khruangbin, Menstruatango - Sofia Viola, Bizet: Carmen: L’amour est un oiseau rebelle: Habanera - Act One - Georges Bizet, Shirley Verrett, Covent Garden Chorus and Sir Georg Solti, I Need A Painkiller - Armand Van Helden and Butter Rush, Tampax Commercial - Yes You Can 1991

Music Editing: Yariana Baralt Torres

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