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Unapologetically LOUD presented in 2022 as a celebratory "Greatest Hits" performance event for LOUD BODIES’ fifth year. Taking place at Off The Ground Dance Chicago, we brought back two reimagined crowd favorites: "Legalize Menstruation" (2020) and "Razor Burn" (2017). This event also served as a donation site for menstrual + sanitary products to then be distributed to various The Love Fridge Chicago donation sites throughout the city. Following the performance weekend, LOUD BODIES hosted a free, community event at Free Mvmt Shop to organize and put together care packages with the donations collected at our performances. 

Legalize Menstruation

Choreographed by LOUD BODIES (2020), Restaged by Yariana Baralt Torres (2022)
Cast: Kait Dessoffy, Diamond Gant, Mya McCllelan & Alix Schillaci 

Photos by Chloe Hamilton


Choreographed by Maria Blanco (2017), Restaged by Maria Blanco (2022)
Cast: Diamond Gant, Loretta Holmes, Maddy McCarthy, Sarah Ellen Miller & Isabelle Taylor

Photos by Chloe Hamilton



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