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LOUD VOICES served as a weekend long performance series located at City Farm Chicago in July of 2021. Each performance highlighted a different choreographer, social topic + Chicagoland organization. Topics explored throughout the weekend related to food insecurity and accessibility, gender inequality in the workplace, and the ways in which capitalism and whitewashed American history affect our perception of the American dream. Each event served as a donation site/informational session for the audience. Food items were collected to be distributed throughout the LoveFridge Chicago’s free food sites, books were sold through a popup shop by Semicolon Bookstore, and a representative from Women Employed spoke about inequality in the workplace, and the resources in which the organization offers to make sure all people feel welcome in their work environment.

Katlin Bourgeois, Marceia L. Scruggs, Dee Alaba + LOUD BODIES

CHOREOGRAPHED BY YsaŸe McKeever + performed by Aaliyah Christina and Jada Cunningham

CHOREOGRAPHED BY Keeley Morris + performed by Diamond Gant, Maria Blanco, and Keeley Morris

CHOREOGRAPHED BY Abby Darrow + performed by Kait Dessoffy, Maddy (Roy) McCarthy, and Kaleigh Dent

Photos by Hanako Maki