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LOUD VOICES was a 3 day performance series highlighting a different Chicagoland choreographer, social issue and organization each day! Some of the topics explored throughout the weekend were: food insecurity in Chicago, capitalism and the "whitewashed" history of education in the United States, and gender inequality in the workplace. All performances took place at  City Farm Chicago. At the events, food donations were collected for "The Love Fridge Chicago",  books were sold by "Semicolon Bookstore", and representatives from "Women Employed" spoke about equality in the workplace.

Katlin Bourgeois, Marceia L. Scruggs, Dee Alaba + LOUD BODIES

CHOREOGRAPHED BY YsaŸe McKeever + performed by Aaliyah Christina and Jada Cunningham

CHOREOGRAPHED BY Keeley Morris + performed by Diamond Gant, Maria Blanco, and Keeley Morris

CHOREOGRAPHED BY Abby Darrow + performed by Kait Dessoffy, Maddy (Roy) McCarthy, and Kaleigh Dent