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This show has cultivated under the conversation of sustainability within ourselves and our daily practices. How can we find ways to make sustainable choices, both for our world and ourselves? How can artists develop sustainable practices that excite us to keep moving forward, continuing to express ourselves creatively and authentically?


*Four OG Dances* created by Maria Blanco, Maddy McCarthy, Sarah Ellen Miller + Alix Schillaci

Danced by Reign Winker, Alix Schillaci, Sarah Ellen Miller, Maddy McCarthy, Jaylen Ray, Deja Hood, Lucy Williams, Chloe Hamilton, + Diamond Gant

Styling + Design by Jean Elliot, Ella Frauenhofer, Izzy Jackson, Maddy McCarthy + Alix Schillaci

Featuring Performances by Asha Rowland + Reign Winker

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