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To be a woman: An exploration oN body image (2018)

Presented with Jello Performance Series at Elastic Arts

Cast: Yariana Baralt Torres & Maria Blanco

"To Be a Woman: an exploration on body image" is a piece centered around women's experience with their own bodies, how women see themselves, or how they feel about themselves based on social and individual expectations. A woman's relationship with her body can be tricky, unnerving, and complicated. We hope to use this piece to further explore how women navigate body image and to represent the constant work it takes to make that relationship healthy, positive, and empowering.

To be a woman (2017)

Presented at 100 Acts Of Resistance at Greenhouse Theater Center (2017), Restaged for Collaboraction at Flat Iron Arts Building (2018)

Cast: Yariana Baralt Torres & Maria Blanco

This piece looks to empower women and calls for unity. "To be a Woman" touches on themes such as: womanhood, sisterhood, feminism, sexism,  and it calls for sensitivity and strength.

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