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We want to give an endless amount of thank yous to the incredible organizations, studios, and people who also helped make this show flourish. It truly takes a village!  We want to thank The Epiphany Center for the Arts, bim bom studios, Definition Dance Academy, Extensions Dance, The Puzzle Box, Indie Media Studios, The Menomonee Club, Visceral Dance Center, Max Gustafson, Courtney Smith, Rosie O’Brien, Orlando Blanco,  as well as all of our dedicated Patreon supporters and donors. 

notes on sustainability

We asked, "What does sustainability mean to you?" Here's what you said:
“Living in a way that doesn’t drain other resources"
“Re-connecting back to our roots, at the core of creation itself”
“Spiritual Practice” 
“Mutual Aid” 
“Grow upon itself”
“Preserving what is created’s potential for what could be and once was…”
“Dance world looking to sustain technical practices, when it should be focused on the lives and beings of those who participate”
“Not individualistic”
“Making decisions that will benefit you in the future”
“Artistic structures that help artists blossom”
“Is this something that we will need to ‘recover’ from?”
“Give back as much as you take”
“Green washed”
“Systems to keep me going”
“Requires collaboration”
“Fueling others as you fuel yourself”
“Allows for stories to be transferred”
“Love is not conditional on your productivity”
“Radical honesty” (Adrienne Marie Brown)
“Equilibrium in all things”
“Repeatedly and effectively while feeding back into the source”
“Future as the forefront idea”
“Asking what people around you need”
“An open, fluid space”
“Community, patience, discipline, intention”
“It is crucial to the longevity I wish for”
“Meaningful, healthy careers”
“Conscious Consumption”
“Growth with the past in mind”
“...So helpful… that it must and can be maintained indefinitely” 
“Guaranteed health insurance, reliable public transportation, and livable wages”
“Building a world that doesn’t prioritize human consumption”
“Harmony & Co-existence”
“Collectively reflect, realize, shift, commit and repeat”
“Is nothing without the collective”
“Keep ourselves and our communities informed” 
“Calling each other in”
“Ebb and flow”
“To tend to a bigger matter is to maintain the smaller elements of the situation”
“Longevity, reliability, fulfilling”
“A system that does not collapse”
“Everything is utilized”
“Establishing a system that fuels itself”
“Anti-capitalist…goes against the concept of streamlining and productivity”
“Provide for oneself without the compromise of taking from others”
“Loving those in the future”
“Community building” 
“Benefits myself so I can help others”
“Taking only what you need”
“Can you do it with your whole heart?”
“Knowing when to rest and step back”
“Pertains to the outcome of good, but also the decrease of bad”
“Lasting effects that will endure long past the initial creation or installment of the system”
“Taking wisdom from an Earth that knows how to sustain itself”
“Allows for extended periods of existence, in ease and continuous practice”
“Longevity, rooted, integrated, consistent, maintenance”
“Circulating energy”

“The very act of sustaining your practice, or work, your joy is an act of standing up”

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